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Display Holography: A Technical Retrospect

Benton's development of the rainbow hologram was followed by Lloyd Cross's production in the early 1970s of cylindrical holographic stereograms (Multiplex holograms) that could be illuminated with a white-light source and that reconstructed an almost monochromatic image. Multiplex holograms have been made of several famous personalities and have become quite popular. To produce such a holographic stereogram, the subject was placed on a slowly rotating turntable and a movie camera was used to record a series of views of the subject over a 360ˇ rotation. In most cases, the subject was rotated by one degree for every three movie frames, so that the movie contained 1080 views of the subject. The movie film was then converted into a holographic stereogram, using an optical setup with a laser source.

HARIHARAN, P. "Display Holography: A Technical Retrospect", dans Leonardo, volume 25, numéro 5, 1992, p.431-437.

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