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A Partial View of a Three-Dimensional World

The making of a hologram demands sophisticated tools, some of the finest tools our current civilization has managed to produce. The laser offers pure light, directable and coherent in both time and space. The lasing system is a unique human-made mechanism, a positive ascendancy over nature and the sun's incoherent light. The optics that direct laser light during the holographic process are delicate front-surfaced mirrors, composed of chemical elements and crystals deposited through electron-beam evaporation in a high-vacuum chamber. This process represents such fundamental understanding and control of the underlying atomic structure as to represent a pinnacle of twentieth-century technology. Such is the poetry of the holographers' tools. That these tools can be very expensive goes almost without saying.

GORGLIONE, Nancy "A Partial View of a Three-Dimensional World", dans Leonardo, volume 25, numéro 5, 1992, p.407-409.

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