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BENYON, Margaret

Do We Need an Aesthetics of Holography?

We need to get out of this ghetto. I believe that artists in holography should have the theoretical resources, the cultural and art-history disciplines, and the institutional support made as available to us as they have been to the fine arts for so long. If not, holographic art practice may turn out to have been a speculative blind alley. Artists using new technology should reassess the suitability of the traditional, quiet art gallery, designed for looking at art, and appropriate access to the art market. I also believe that art institutions should become much more flexible and begin to redefine themselves as 'content' rather that 'receptacle', setting up their administrative apparatus around that content. In conclusion, artists will make holograms whether or not their work is accepted in the art world. There are people born with a drive to make art, or whatever society likes to call art, as part of their make-up as human beings, and some of them have chosen holography as their medium. Whatever society does with them, or does not do, despite the conditions they work under above or below the poverty line, decade after decade, recognized or not they will work at making art whenever they can, until they die.

BENYON, Margaret "Do We Need an Aesthetics of Holography?", dans Leonardo, volume 25, numéro 5, 1992, p.411-416.

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